Argentinian Exchange Ripio Presents Crypto Educational Textbook and Web3 Metaverse Wallet


Ripio, an Argentina-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced the launch of two products, a cryptocurrency educational textbook to help newcomers navigate the crypto market, and a Web3 wallet that the company aims to position as an easy gateway to the metaverse. While other Latam-based exchanges have laid off some staff to survive the current market, Ripio is expanding to Spain.

Ripio Launches Educational Crypto Book

Ripio, a Latam-based exchange, made some announcements regarding its product offerings earlier this week. The company presented two products directed to improve the knowledge of crypto and the experience of its users in the metaverse. First, Ripio launched a cryptocurrency textbook, created to help newcomers to the industry learn about the basics of blockchain and crypto.

The book, which will be available for users to download for free, is part of the philosophy of the exchange of bringing crypto education to as many people as possible. Ignacio Carballo, an economist from Buenos Aires University, stated that most of the people using crypto in Latam started after the Covid-19 pandemic. At the launch event, he declared:

In this context, this book is very helpful in giving consumers tools to make responsible use of these digital assets.

Ripo explained that the book “develops fundamental topics to understand and take the first steps in this universe: Bitcoin, blockchain, mining, Ethereum, stablecoins, and trading.”

A Web3 Metaverse Wallet

The other product announced was a new Web3 wallet that aims to ease the entry of Ripio customers into the metaverse. This is not the same as the Ripio wallet and will work as a multichain wallet in the same way as Metamask, allowing users to handle funds from different chains, manage NFTs, and connect to different decentralized applications from a web navigator like Google Chrome.

Sebastián Serrano, co-founder and CEO of Ripio, stated:

The goal of the product is to accelerate the entry into a new stage in the crypto economy including popular digital collectibles or NFTs, play-to-earn games, DeFi protocols, digital art markets and others.

The Ripio metaverse wallet will have a new custody system that, according to Serrano, has been in the works for more than a year and will be more effective than comparable Web3 wallets with self-custody systems. The wallet is already available for beta testers in Argentina.

The company also revealed its expansion to Spain, after announcing it was taking its services to Colombia in April.

What do you think about the new products presented by Ripio? Tell us in the comments section below.

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