Atozy Thanks Crypto Community and Responds to BitBoy U-Turn

In a video which should close the book on the Ben Armstrong (BitBoy) defamation legal case for good, Erling Mengshoel (Atozy) thanked prominent members of the crypto community for their help fighting the case.

Among those whom Atozy called out for special praise were UpOnly crypto podcast host Cobie, and crypto sleuth ZachXBT. Atozy went on to state his belief that without the support of the community BitBoy would have continued to pursue the case, something he could ill afford to deal with on his own.

Bitboy illustrates the meaning of hubris.

The wildest week for Atozy

In a video released on Tuesday, Mengshoel made his gratitude known to the many people who helped him raise $200,000 to fight the case brought by Armstrong.

According to the initial court filing made by Armstrong’s legal team, Mengshoel had defamed the influencer in an earlier video in Nov2021. In that, Mengshoel accused Armstrong of cheating his fans and of being a “dirtbag.”

Mengshoel has now revealed that within hours of being served the legal papers, his girlfriend went into labor. That set into motion a series of events that would cause Mengshoel to say, “I have had the wildest week of my life.” 

Mengshoel states even as the legal case was developing, and the community sprung into action, he and his partner were welcoming a son into the world. He described the legal fund appeal as a “Hail Mary” born out of the sheer desperation of his situation.

Bitboy mocks Atozy’s legal defense fund

Bitboy gloats but not for long

Initially, the appeal was slow to take off. This encouraged Armstrong to send Mengshoel a series of gloating tweets in which he told Mengshoel, “the wins are only about to get bigger.” Armstrong went on to mock the financial clout of Mengshoel’s audience, among other things.

None of the tweets from Armstrong seemed to properly convey the fragile emotional state that was cited in his earlier legal filing.

At this point however, the backlash was beginning to build a head of steam. Cobie first informed Mengshoel that he had bought the atozy.eth domain name for him. Cobie then went on to add $100,000 of his own money to the defense fund. Mengshoel went on to raise another £100,000 in legal defense before BitBoy dropped the case.

“I want to thank Cobie for donating way too much money and I also want to thank ZachXBT, because he will be helping me refund everyone on the crypto side of things,” said Mengshoel.

He went on to add that, “if this didn’t become super public and I didn’t raise a whole bunch of money, I would have probably been dragged into court.”

Thanks to the intervention of the wider crypto community, the gloating stopped and the case was dropped.

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