Balancer (BAL) Volume Hit 2022 Low Sinking More Than $2.7 Billion

Balancer plummeted further in trading volume in July due to a decline in investor interest in digital assets as a result of market volatility. 

Balancer, like other decentralized exchanges (DEXs), tested a new low in volume in July. According to Be[In]Crypto Research based on data from Dune Analytics, the DEX recorded a trading volume of approximately $1.9 billion throughout the month. 

Although this value is relatively high compared to other exchanges such as Shibaswap, it was a 25% drop from June. Throughout June, Balancer’s volume was around $2.5 billion. 

Despite the massive fall in volume, the DEX saw a 54% rise from July of last year. In July 2021, Balancer’s trading volume was in the region of $1.23 billion. 

Overall, the latest statistic was also $2.72 billion below the year’s monthly high of $4.62 billion in May. 

What is Balancer DEX?

As part of the Balancer ecosystem which was launched in 2018, the decentralized exchange allows users to trade at optimal prices. The protocol encourages efficient trading by pooling crowdsourced liquidity from investor portfolios while using its smart contract order routing feature to find the best prices for traders.

What caused the dip in volume? 

The negative market sentiment which has made investing in digital assets highly unprofitable for individuals and institutional investors was attributed to the cause of the massive drop in volume. 

Since Balancer supports many low-cap digital assets (with less than $2 billion in market value), a decrease in trading activity was reflected in a decline in volume. 

Aside from Balancer, other DEXs such as Uniswap, Synthetix, Curve, Shibaswap, and SushiSwap also sank to new lows. 

BAL price reaction   

BAL opened on July 1, with a trading price of $4.54, reached a monthly high of $6.83, tested a monthly low of $4, and closed the month at $6.17. 

Overall, despite the fall in volume, there was a 35% increase between the opening and closing price of BAL in July. 

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