Plans to Provide an NFT Domain Name to 83 Million Wallet Users Plans to Provide an NFT Domain Name to 83 Million Wallet Users has announced it has partnered with the Web3 digital identity platform and NFT domain name provider Unstoppable Domains in order to launch .blockchain NFT domains. The company says that in the next few weeks, 83 million wallet users will get a free .blockchain domain. Partners With Unstoppable Domains — Firms Launch 1st Branded Top-Level Domain has been a pioneer in the crypto space for quite some time, as the company launched the first Bitcoin (BTC) block explorer in 2011. This week, the company has announced it has teamed up with the Web3 digital identity company Unstoppable Domains. The startup is an identity firm dedicated to Web3 services and a domain name provider that has issued 2.4 million registered usernames.

The two firms announced the launch of the first-ever branded top-level domain by Unstoppable Domains which will be called .blockchain. In the coming weeks, says that all 83 million wallet users will be able to create a free .blockchain domain name. A .blockchain domain name can replace a long alphanumeric crypto wallet address and funds can be sent to a human-readable name like “sarah.blockchain,” rather than using a long address.

The .blockchain names can also be leveraged for Web3 identifiers so users can transact with decentralized applications (dapps), marketplaces, metaverse apps, and social media platforms. Lane Kasselman, the chief business officer at thinks the new .blockchain feature will make it easier for millions of users leveraging the company’s non-custodial wallet.

“With a .blockchain domain, our users can not only send and receive crypto as easily as they send email, but own their identity in Web3,” Kasselman said in a statement during the announcement. “Our partnership with Unstoppable Domains marks the first custom top-level domain (TLD) and gives us a unique way to share the .blockchain name with the millions of users of the Wallet.”

On Friday, Unstoppable Domains further said that the .blockchain domains will also be available through the company’s web portal. Once an NFT domain name is claimed, the name is held by the user forever. The firm leverages the Polygon blockchain to mint the NFT domain names and there are zero minting fees or renewal fees associated with the name.

What do you think about the partnership between and Unstoppable Domains? Do you think human-readable blockchain domain names are beneficial? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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