Crypto Lists Compare 150 Different Deposit Methods

Since many potential crypto investors struggle to find a way to start, showcase 150 different funding methods for people considering investing in digital assets. Customers can choose between crypto exchanges, the more advanced trading option, or go with crypto platforms that make it simple to buy or sell with one or two clicks.

Crypto investors never got more options to start with hundreds of crypto funding methods.  Currently, available deposit options go from e-wallets to credit or debit cards, ranging from peer-to-peer transfers for beginners, while more advanced users might prefer to transfer cryptocurrencies to continue the crypto journey with a new exchange.

Finding a suitable funding method is crucial for new crypto investors. Mobile e-wallets for cryptocurrency purchases are set to grow in importance, especially in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Most crypto exchanges learned that E-wallets are seen as crucial for deposits in Asia and South America since credit- and debit are less common there compared to Europe, the U.S, and Canada.

In Asia, credit card penetration is very low. It is less than 10% in many countries, so credit cards are not really serving consumers”, says Wong Loke Hwee, vice president of Boku.

Crypto Lists Limited has over 10 active e-wallets with up to 17 different crypto exchanges supporting them, all shown on their website. In the coming year, more regulatory requirements are coming for electronic wallets, not the least for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), writes BIS in an extensive report.

A trend among crypto exchanges is to create their own wallets, to minimize fees and give more rewards to customers. Still, debit cards are the most used deposit method in both Europe and the U.S. Five major debit cards for crypto deposits are now also available on

All of the most used cryptocurrencies for deposits are also included, making it easier for the more advanced users to get started.

Some of the methods with the lowest starting fee include the peer-to-peer transfer method, which is available on five different crypto exchanges and platforms. However, there are also negative points with P2P transfers, including the possibility that either party changes their mind and considerably less liquidity. In summary, a total of 150 deposit methods are now available on Crypto Lists website. Of the wide range of funding options, 19 are made in the United States, 18 are from Europe, 18 are from Asia or Australia, six payment methods are from South America, and four are from Scandinavia.

The remaining 85 funding options come from cryptocurrencies that are not classified by a single country. When transferring with crypto, it is important to carefully check so both the transferring site and the receiving site use the same blockchain, otherwise, the transaction will be lost.

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