Everscale Speaks at Capital 2022 Conference Organized by CoinMarketCap

Everscale, the most scalable blockchain network in existence, was a Gold Sponsor for The Capital 2022, an important global online event for the whole blockchain industry.

Members of the network governance took an active part in the opening session on day one of the conferences and joined the panel discussions on decentralized exchanges and the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The Capital is a global conference organized by CoinMarketCap, the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets. The conference took place on May 26 and 27, 2022, in a dedicated metaverse space.

It brought together representatives of the leading blockchain organizations to provide them with opportunities to network and discuss the hottest topics of today’s industry.

Day one of the conference kicked off with the opening session, where the key speakers – Rush of CoinMarketCap, Changpeng Zhao of Binance, Justin Sun of Tron, and Nikita Inshakov of Everscale – welcomed the participants and shared their visions for blockchain and crypto product development in the context of how they are delivering real-life solutions now and how they will in the near future. 

“We believe that the only reason why we haven’t yet seen something like a real-time bidding system such as Google Ads being implemented on a blockchain is that the developers are uncertain that there is technology powerful enough to handle the requirements for such a demanding application.”

“That is why at Everscale, we are working as hard as we can to provide the technology to bring the future closer and make the world more transparent, fair, and secure,” said Nikita Inshakov, an initial member of Everscale.

The conference continued with a series of active panel talks, fireside chats, and virtual workshops, culminating on day two with an interesting discussion on the adoption of cryptocurrencies, including its drivers and barriers to a wider reach.

Michael Gord, CEO of GDA and an Everscale Foundation member, pointed out the importance of a quality user experience to increase the popularity of dApps at scale.

” Just like the internet, we just need a nicer user interface for the masses,” Michael said. This highlights the importance of Everscale’s effort to bring the best-in-class development teams into its rapidly growing ecosystem through multiple hackathons and a popular grant program.

About Everscale

Everscale is one of the most technologically advanced blockchain networks,  incorporating all of the blockchain innovations and concepts of recent years.

Its versatility gives it the potential to become a decentralized hub for lots of blockchains and resource-demanding applications such as GameFi, DeFi, micro-transactions, real-time bidding, etc.

Due to its dynamic multithreading and sharding technology, there’s always more room to add capacities to handle any load so that the network can scale almost infinitely – that’s something that no other blockchain can offer.

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