French Music YouTuber Launches Blockchain Music Streaming Platform

French musician Nes. B (Anes Boukadoum), also popularly known as Tsuko G., has launched Meteora’s music streaming platform on the native layer-2 blockchain network Lunaris.core.

Tsuko G. is a French musician and popular former YouTuber known for his expert skills in Kazoo, singing, and guitar. After covering the popular song F-Zero’s Big Blue on Kazoo, the musician gained popularity. Tsuko G. also covers video games and Anime songs. 

Tsuko G. created Meteora with the vision of bringing together listeners, artists, and professionals into a single NFT-based app and metaverse, an all-in-one platform. The platform offers creators freedom and an interactive experience to sell, trade, own, and create music in a unique platform that wasn’t available before. 

Meteora offers something for everyone. Listeners, Artists, and professionals can benefit from the project while engaging with a music-powered metaverse.

Some of the immediate features offered by Meteora include the Music NFT collection, Full Music Publishing Control, Crypto/NFT Marketplace, On-Chain Music Stats, Instant, and Buffer Pay, Licensing Center, Dedicated Music Socials, Open Gaming Platform, and more. 

The project has also designed Meteora Stage, the central section which includes blockchain-based personal musical collection, lossless/performance modes, a social media system, and a gamified experience. 

Meteora is a complete solution to all the problems creators face in the music industry and is the ultimate music platform that gathers all music actors in a single ecosystem. The disruptive project will bring a much-needed music revolution to create an adequate and safe space for all the music creators and lovers. 

About Meteora

Meteora is an all-in-one Music platform that helps creators and listeners to enjoy, sell, create and manage music. The project is a Layer-2 Multi-Blockchain, NFT-based interest of music project and metaverse backed by artificial intelligence.

Creators and users can own, upload, and listen to Hi-Q music, trade their NFTs on the native marketplace, and ultimately control their music rights utilizing distributed ledger technology. 

Meteora is powered by the next-gen layer-2 blockchain, Lunaris.core, allowing scalable, secure, and instant transactions on public chains. Meteora is in its ICO stage; to learn more, visit the website.

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