Last Chance to Bid in’s First Public Land Auction, an open metaverse platform, is auctioning the first parcel of land after partnering with Grimshaw Global.

The land item 16,60 is available for purchase at OpenSea, with only 24 hours left for the sale.

Users have the opportunity to purchase one of the most attractive and strategically located land parcels in which is closing fast. 

This plot is the first publicly auctioned land in It has a unique and super-rare title as it is in close proximity to the key sites and infrastructure. 

Moreover, the land comes with a prime lake view and is within striking distance of the south shores of the Pax island mainland in the, which adds to its uniqueness. 

The desirability of the location increases as it’s right along the Island’s first and principal thoroughfare, the Paxway, and it’s neighbor to Grimshaw.

Grimshaw Global is a renowned architectural firm that was chosen to design the first of four “Metaserai” or central gathering places in the metaverse, which act as the central gathering place for like their ancient counterparts, caravanserai (the backbone of trade and cultural exchange of the civilization). 

These “Metaserai” acts as the focal points where people from diverse backgrounds can connect, socialize, gather and grow as a community.

The land parcel with magnificent vista is closely located to one of the four Metaserai and hence has significant real estate value.

The economic value of the land increases as it is adjacent to the first of four principal landmarks and spawning points in the metaverse.

The auction will close on April 22, 2022, at 06.56 am GMT, and the user with the highest bid will be awarded the land. 

The land parcels are purchased as an NFT, which provides users easy access to the metaverse of the future and will provide the holder with a real stake in shaping the growing community around them.

This NFT does not just represent the land but also comes with the obligation to actively develop the land where community utility increases along with the quality of life as a part of the’s DAO and governance model. 

To place a bid on this unique land parcel by as NFT item 16,60, head on to OpenSea and place the bid in Ethereum. 

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The project aims to offer rich, interactive experiences that facilitate education, socialization, commerce, entertainment, and health care. achieves its aim using a performance-optimized virtual world that allows users to build and purchase 3D assets such as real estate.

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