Mailchimp Slams Door for Crypto Content Without Warning

Mailchimp, the largest email marketing company globally, has suspended its services to crypto content creators and several crypto firms have reported difficulty logging into their accounts starting early this week.

Prominent crypto companies who have been locked out include edge wallet, a provider of self-custody crypto holding services, and Messari, a crypto research company facing the wrath of the company’s decision to suspend services.

“The Mailchimp account had been deactivated.” tweeted Joelly Garcia, the Edge Wallet community manager. Garcia learned of the incident when she tried to log in to the company’s account.
Edge Wallet is not the only one, this morning, Sam Richards said Ethereum Foundation’s account has been suspended.

“Add @Ethereum Foundation’s @EF_ESP to the list of customers @Mailchimp has rugged. Anyone have good recommendations for email subscription services with solid API integrations? Or any that don’t pull the plug on paying customers without any notification or justification?” Sam Richards tweeted.  

Mailchimp banged with a security breach

The halt comes months after Mailchimp was slammed with a security breach that led to phishing attacks on a customer of a cryptocurrency wallet company, some of whom then had thousands of dollars worth of cryptocurrency stolen.  The suit alleged they were negligent in safeguarding customer information and slow to respond to the security breach, which allowed the cryptocurrency theft to succeed.

Mailchimp reacts to cyberattacks

Responding to the phishing allegations, Mailchimp said it was addressing the incident, according to a statement that was posted on its website.

“From the outset, we acted swiftly to address the situation by limiting employee access to internal systems,” Mailchimp said. “Our findings show that this was a targeted incident focused on users in industries related to cryptocurrency and finance. All owners of impacted accounts have been notified,” announced on its website.

Even though Mailchimp has not issued any statement regarding the suspension of the accounts of content creators, observers say that it’s a swift action to curb the breach by targeted crypto hackers.

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