New lolMiner 1.63 With Improved Kaspa (KAS) Mining Performance

There is a new lolMiner 1.63 release available for anyone using that mining software, and it is an especially useful update for anyone out there that might be currently mining Kaspa (KAS)… and if you are not yet mining KAS, then you might want to consider starting to mine Kaspa it with your GPUs. The project has great underlying technology with more in the works and has already started generating buzz around crypto miners and traders, not to mention that it has the potential to become the next big Layer 1 crypto that can actually be mined with GPUs and that is something we kind of need lately… getting back to the roots of crypto. Anyway, our advice is to check Kaspa (KAS) out now if you still haven’t done so, or you might be sorry later on that you missed the early opportunity. If you are not too sure yet, you might try also Triple Mining ETC + KAS + ZIL or any other Ethash/ETChash crypto with Zilliqa and Kaspa on the side. This way you will be mining less KAS, but it will be just extra without losing any of the mining hashrate for the other coins, or with just a very slight drop (dependent on your power limiter settings as well).

Back to the mining part and the mining software, the latest lolMiner 1.63 there is a slight improvement in performance and energy efficiency that can help you get even more performance out of your Nvidia mining GPUs that are already mining KAS. Increasing the power limiter with just a few percent over the settings you use optimally for ETH/ETC mining could also help in getting some extra hashrate as well, either for single mining KAS or for Triple mining it. There are also some fixes that might should make the miner running better and giving you less problems as well. The upgrade to the latest version 1.63 is a must for anyone mining Kaspa (KAS) and recommended for people mining other crypto cons with it. Below you can read the full changelog of the latest release of lolMiner.

lolMiner 1.63 Changelog
– Improved the Kaspa only mining performance on Nvidia Turing, Ampere and Ada GPUs by about 3.5%. (1)
– Significantly improved the Kaspa only mining energy efficiency on Nvidia Turing, Ampere and Ada GPUs by 7-11% depending on the actual model.
– Values given to --dualfactor parameter will now be value checked and rounded / capped to working values.

(1) Can be higher in case the card was power limited before.

– Fixed a bug causing the miner to show a crash message when lolMiner was ended via ctrl+c
– Fixed a bug causing lolMiner not to start Kaspa mining on Nvidia GPUs when the Nvidia OpenCL installation on the system is broken.

To download and try the latest release of the lolMiner 1.63 mining software…


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