New lolMiner 1.67 Release Focused on Improving NEXA Mining Performance

There is a new lolMiner 1.67 release that is apparently focused on improving support and performance for the nexapow algorithm used by the NEXA project. The performance improvements can vary depending on the kind of Nvidia GPUs you have available and can go as high as up to about 35% as per the developer, though it can also be just a couple of percent as well. It seems that locking the video memory to 5000 MHz does allow for improved performance as opposed to leaving it at it higher stock frequency or lowering it too much (NEXA does like faster clock for the memory in terms of performance).

You might want to try and compare how will your mining hashrate be affected with the --mclk 5000 option to lock the video memory at 5000 MHz, also do not forget to set the GPU clock higher as NEXA is using a more GPU-intensive algorithm. The way to lower power usage here is by utilizing the core clock offset in order to lower the GPU operating voltage and thus go lower than the power limit you have probably set already, that is the --coff command line parameter you can experiment with 200-300 as a value and see what works well on your GPUs if it is not stable at 200, then you might try to lower the GPU clock frequency a bit.

lolMiner 1.67 Latest Changelog:
– Improved Nexa performance on Nvidia Turing based gpus by approximately 35%+.
– Improved Nexa performance on 8G Nvidia Ampere gpus by approximately 1.5% when memory is not locked and ~3% on locked memory (5000). 10G and higher gpus got an additional 5% performance increase.
– Improved Nexa performance on Nvidia Ada based gpus by approximately 25% on locked memory clock (5000) and about 8% on unlocked memory.
– Added Nexa echelon mining protocol to support pools using it, e.g. The needed format will be automatically detected when connecting to a pool using it.
– Updated WebUI for Nexa mining and more pools to support.
– Windows: Updated GUI

– Fixed a bug causing scattered defect shared on Nexa mining (all OS)
– Fixed a display bug when setting power limit on Nvidia GPUs saying the value is out of Range, although its fine. (all OS)
– Fixed a bug in Nexa mining of the miner creating only defects (Windows)
– Fixed a bug in Nexa mining of the miner crashing silently after a few minutes (Windows)

Note 1: Every code update – in particular when so massive as here – may require re-tuning your oc & uv settings for ideal results and stability.
Note 2: memory locking on Ada gpus is only recommended if the core clock is locked as well and not maxed out – on high core clock in combination with memory locked to 5000 the performance will struggle due to worse memory timings.

General note: The Nexa gpu codes are (and will be in foreseeable future) joint work with Iedoc from BzMiner. Miner fees will be evenly shared regardless of which of these two flavors of the code you prefer.

To download and try the latest release of the lolMiner 1.67 mining software…


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