New lolMiner 1.69 and BzMiner v13.3.0 Bring NEXA Support for AMD GPU Miners

While the latest updates of lolMiner and BzMiner are not the first to bring support for the Nexapow algorithm used by the NEXA project, they currently offer the fastest performance on AMD GPUs. Previously you could mine NEXA on AMD GPUs only using the WildRig Multi miner, now you can get significant performance boost with either the latest lolMiner 1.69 or BzMiner v13.3.0 (NEXA support is being jointly developed by both). Depending on your AMD GPU you could expect to get somewhere between about 12 and 20 percent performance boost compared to mining NEXA using the WildRig Multi miner, so if you were already mining NEXA on AMD GPUs you might want to upgrade your mining software now.

Meanwhile the NEXA project has also announced that it will be listed on the MEXC Global exchange at 14:00 on Mar 7 (UTC), bringing significant exposure to the crypto project to much wider market with MEXC being in the TOP 20 exchanges in terms of trading volume according to CoinMarketCap’s Exchange ranking data. So, you could expect that the interest, price and profitability of mining NEXA to also come up in the following days preceding the listing and after that as well. And that goes not only for AMD GPU miners, but also Nvidia GPU miners as well that had a heat start in being able to mine NEXA early on… it might still not be too late to join though.

To download and try the latest lolMiner 1.69 AMD/Nvidia GPU miner…
To download and try the latest BzMiner v13.3.0 AMD/Nvidia GPU miner…


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