Playboy Partners With The Sandbox to Create MetaMansion

Playboy is still relevant, apparently. The Sandbox has partnered with the company to create a themed social gaming experience.  

Playboy’s MetaMansion in The Sandbox will offer gaming, social play, events and digital collectible releases that will come from Playboy’s vast content library.  

Playboy is a globally recognized lifestyle brand. Their new venture in the metaverse will incorporate the company’s talent and influencer network. And it will try to hawk Playboy’s fashion and live experiences

The Sandbox describe themselves as “part virtual real estate, part amusement park.” They say they “fully embrace the idea of the metaverse as a continuous shared digital space.”  

The Sandbox has previously partnered with over 300 major brands to bring their presence to the metaverse.  

Playboy NFTs    

Last year, Playboy released an avatar-based NFT collection, called the Playboy Rabbitars. People who own Rabbitars or Sandbox LAND get access to special experiences in the company’s virtual world in the Sandbox.   

Rachel Webber is Playboy’s Chief Brand & Strategy Officer. “We’re thrilled to work with The Sandbox and its best-in-class design and development team to build a premium, customized Playboy gaming and social experience in the metaverse. We can’t wait to invite our global Playboy fanbase, and in particular our Rabbitar community and The Sandbox LAND owners, into this new immersive world of Playboy.”

Playboy has been creating controversial experiences for nearly 70 years

The bunny brand has been creating controversial experiences for nearly 70 years. The company say that The Sandbox provides a platform for a new wave of innovation. 

Sebastien Borget is the COO and Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “Playboy is emblematic for its charm, lifestyle, and entertainment content that has transcended generations and that has already stepped into Web3 with early success. We’re pleased to bring its rich archive of content into the metaverse and enable true fans to become virtual neighbors of this iconic brand during a future upcoming LAND sale in Q3 2022.”

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