Queen Elizabeth Inu: Shitcoins are Already Trading

Queen Elizabeth Inu is now a thing. In fact it is a thing 40 times over. Shitcoins and memecoins are pouring out of the interwebs at an astonishing speed.

Elizabeth II was the Queen of the United Kingdom from February 1952 until her death last night. She reigned for 70 years and 214 days. This was the longest reign of any British monarch. At the time of her death, Queen Elizabeth II was Queen of 14 other Commonwealth realms, including Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

While fans of the monarchy were saddened by the passing of Her Majesty, coin projects took the opportunity to ride on free publicity. They launched royal-themed tokens on Binance’s BNB Chain and on Ethereum.

Queen Elizabeth Inu

Sad times for some do not mean mourning for others. Amazingly, Queen Elizabeth Inu has gone on a tear. And Save The Queen Tokens are on the same trajectory.

According to Twitter account @Zazoo_Me, “Crypto grifters have seized the opportunity to launch over 40 Queen-themed meme coins on Ethereum and Binance’s BNB Chain, just hours after she passed.”

So far the 40+ Crypto meme coins and NFT dumps are selling with a mind-boggling trading volume.

The account names the coins as:

Queen Elizabeth Inu

 Queen Doge

God Save The Queen

London Bridge Is Down

Queen Grow

Rip Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth II

Queen Inu II

The account says that prices are extremely volatile and “highly unlikely to sustain themselves. The most liquid tokens have already processed $900K in trading volume: Save The Queen $700,000 Queen Elizabeth Inu $200,000.”

King Charles Inu

Also arising on the scene are tokens named after the Commonwealth’s new overlord, King Charles III.

queen elizabeth inu

King Charles Inu (CHARLES) is already off to a flying start and is expected to keep climbing considering the publicity that will come from his impending coronation.


It seems there is no limit to what shitcoins and memecoins the crypto community will buy into. God Save the King. It seems he is going to need a lot of saving.

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