Rad Rabbits NFT Launches Rainbow Rabbits for Pride Month

As Pride Month comes to end this June, Rad Rabbits is pleased to announce its latest NFT collection will be dedicated to celebrating Pride.

The unique and exclusive  NFT collection was created to become a community that champions uniqueness and inclusivity. 

Beginning in June of 1999, Pride Month commemorates years of struggle for civil rights and the ongoing pursuit of equal justice under the law for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community, as well as the accomplishments of LGBTQ individuals. 

“We all are different and have special character traits and that’s what makes us Rad,” says Ellie Burnett, the founder, and creator of Rad Rabbits.

Rad Rabbits is made up of 1,111 hand-drawn rabbit collectibles spreading creativity and joy throughout the universe, crypto verse, and Metaverse. The project launched its first series of personalized rabbits on April 11, 2022, with a new series released on the 11th of every month. 

The idea behind the project is that as a set of fingerprints, no two Rad Rabbits are alike. Each Rabbit is a “1-of-1” NFT that is custom-designed and hand-drawn without any computer-generated imagery.

While each Rad Rabbit has its own personality, they all take pride in spreading success, wealth, and creativity. 

“Rabbits also symbolize good fortune, wealth, and procreation. Unlike other animals, the rabbit has a consistent meaning in nearly every culture,” says Burnett.

To ensure the exclusivity of the project, each Rabbit comes with items, such as the original hand-drawn sketch, and other content that only belongs to the owner. The NFT is also an entry into the official Rad Party in Los Angeles in 2023.

Buy your one-of-a-kind rabbit here

About Rad Rabbits 

Rad Rabbits is a collection of selectively hand-drawn NFT series. The project was founded by Ellie Burnett, a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. 

Each Rad Rabbit is designed to produce a feeling of uniqueness and innovation while spreading creativity and joy. 

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Join the Herd 

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