The Latest lolMiner 1.66 Adds support for NEXA Mining as Well

The just updated lolMiner 1.66 has also introduced support for the nexapow algorithm used by the NEXA project, something we kind of expected after the recent release of BzMiner v13.0.1 that included a mention of that NEXA support has been jointly developed with the developer of lolMiner. And now the release of lolMiner 1.66 brings that along with a mention of an upcoming BzMiner update to bring better performance of about 20% and lower development fee of 2%, the same as what we are expecting to see from this release in lolMiner.

Prior to this release of lolMiner the fastest NEXA miner out there was the newcomer Rigel Nvidia GPU miner, so the big question is if the lolMiner is managing to surpass its performance and get the new top spot? Well, the answer is that it did manage to outperform slightly even the just updated Rigel miner 1.3.1 that also brought some 3-5% extra since the initial 1.3.0 release. So, the new lolMiner 1.66 is now the to go NEXA miner for Nvidia GPUs fi you are looking to get the optimal mining performance at the moment. The hashrate that the new lolMiner offers for NEXA mining is a bit faster than what the Rigel miner currently does and it is with the same developer fee of 2% for both and the next update of BzMiner should also do similar level of performance when it is updated. The performance boost for lolMiner is around 5% on commonly used Nvidia GPUs like the RTX 3070, though some like the RTX 3070 Ti, RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 might show the about same level of performance as with the latest version 1.3.1 of the Rigel miner!

lolMiner 1.66 Latest Changelog:
– Added support for mining Nexa on Nvidia Pascal or newer generation GPUs (1). Use --algo NEXA to mine it. Fee is 2%.
— Note: The pool protocol supported matches the one introduced by rplant pool. That said pools tested by this version are in alphabetical order:,, and That said this list is not exclusive and every other pool following this protocol should work.
— Note 2: This code is joint work with Iedoc from BzMiner and it is a refined version with approximately 20% higher speed then the code released in BzMiner v13.0.1. An updated version of BzMiner featuring the improvements of this kernel as well as the same fee level will be released soon.

— (1) Primary focus in optimization were the low to medium range Nvidia Ampere GPUs. The performance of other generations may vary, but certainly improve the next versions.

Do note that lolMiner’s support for NEXA mining is only for Nvidia GPUs and it covers Nvidia Pascal or newer generations, it should work with all of the major NEXA mining pools, so you are more than welcome to spread the hashrate if you are mining NEXA and not go straight to the largest pool as many people normally do. AMD GPU miners do seem to be kind of left out for the moment unfortunately as far as NEXA mining is concerned and the focus seems to be on Nvidia GPU miners for the moment.

To download and try the latest release of the lolMiner 1.66 mining software…


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