WAM Hackathon Gathers 2,400 Attendees, Completes PoC for Uncensorable Wikipedia

From March 1-21, Swarm, a blockchain protocol for decentralized storage and communication, in collaboration with Fair Data Society (FDS), held the ‘We Are Millions’ Web3 hackathon.

During these three weeks, the event gathered 2400 artists, gamers, developers, activists, and members of the crypto community from 40 countries to explore the vision of a sovereign digital society and bring over the new, fairer web. 

With FDS and Ethersphere as its key sponsors, “We Are Millions” has partnered with Nordic Game, one of Europe’s leading gaming platforms, Kiwix, an offline reader for online content like Wikipedia, Project Gutenberg, or TED Talks, and Gitcoin, a platform where coders and developers can get paid to work on open-source software in a wide variety of programming languages. BeInCrypto acted as the main media partner and moderator of the event. 

Seventy two presenters, including Viktor Tron (Swarm), Daan Archer (Copyright Delta), and Erik Beijnoff (former Spotify Browse) shared their expertise on Web3-related topics, including arts, gaming, development, and politics. In total, 957 total hours of talks were watched by the participants on YouTube and Zoom, 854 NFTs were dropped, and 20 bounties, including novel proof-of-concept (PoC), were held during the hackathon.

As one of the key highlights of the event, Kiwix and Swarm joined forces to develop a PoC for uncensorable content, which would be leveraged to create a decentralized version of Wikipedia. It was done via bounties, which are available on the GitHub. There were two bounties for uploading and searching, with several repositories (submissions) inside each, including very elaborate ones like BeeZim. The winners were announced on March 21st at the WAM closing event: Exit through the DAO.

Check out Swarm’s official Twitter channel for news from the project and its milestones for the next year.

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