What Is a Forfeit Token? Why Should We Pre-purchase?

What is Forfeit?

Forfeit Game Project is a project that aims to bring a new trend to the FPS game sector and a perfect project that will make you forget every FPS game you’ve ever played. The first FPS game ever was Maze Warfare, and it was released in 1973.

It had single and multiplayer options. It was only possible to play this game on computers with the highest specs and technologies, so the game was not available for everyone. On the other hand, Forfeit is an FPS project that can be played both on computers and mobile devices. Forfeit Game was created with the aid of Unity and Blockchain, and it is also supported by Metaverse.

In the Metaverse universe of Forfeit, you can create and develop your own weapons. In this game, you can both sell your personalized weapons or use $FFT tokens. Thanks to the Forfeit game, you can feel the joy of playing games and trading at the same time. This game will create a world for you to be entertained and earn money at once.

What is the Forfeit game?

Forfeit game is a game that will challenge the whole game market with the “Gaining by Battling Game” motto. It is an FPS game that has a PvP style, which means there are two opposing players. Gamers can battle in different universes of the world of Forfeit and create their own personalized weapons. By this, gamers can be free souls in their own worlds.

Forfeit is a web-compatible game. Forfeit was prepared with Unity, built by Blockchain, and created its own universe in Metaverse. $FFT is Forfeit’s own token that is used in the game. This token offers players various money-earning opportunities. Players get the chance to create and develop their own 3-dimensional characters and the chance to sell these characters in the NFT market. They can both spend the $FFT tokens they earned in stores, or they can transfer the tokens to their wallets. The main feature that separates the Forfeit game from the other games is that in this game, every player can rule their own separate worlds.

On September 1, 2022, Forfeit token listing was announced in the coinsbit stock market, its pre-sale is still continued. It will be sold for a minimum of the twofold price compared to its pre-sale price in the coinsbit stock market, and if it gets more attention and the marketing strategy becomes successful, the price will be more. The sale of Forfeit will be made professionally on their own site by wallet binding technique, and there is a team that gives Turkish support by giving telegram.

Support: info@forfeit.io

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