WildRig Multi 0.36.4 beta Now With Faster NEXA Performance and Lower Fee

Now that WildRig Multi is not the only GPU mining software to support NEXA mining with the recent addition of nexapow mining in the latest BzMiner (Nvidia only for now), we got a new WildRig Multi 0.36.4 beta release with improved nexapow hashrate of up to 8% for NVIDIA GPUs, slightly improved nexapow for AMD GPUs and a much lower 2% devfee for nexapow mining. Do note that BzMiner currently only supports NEXA mining with Nvidia GPUs, while WildRig Multi also works on AMD GPUs, so AMD users don’t yet have a choice of mining software to use.

With this update WildRig Multi has almost managed to catch up performance wise to what BzMiner currently offers in terms of hashrate, though even with just 2% miner fee compared to the 3% for the slightly faster BzMiner, WildRig Multi is still a bit slightly slower. Nevertheless, competition is good as miners get better performance and lower fees, making NEXA mining more attractive, especially if it keeps up the high mining profitability. So, if you are mining NEXA on AMD GPUs, do make sure to update to the latest WildRig Multi, while Nvidia users might want to compare their performance with WildRig Multi and BzMiner for mining NEXA and with BzMiner you can also try dual-mining NEXA and ZIL for additional extra profit, something that is not yet available on WildRig Multi.

Another new and interesting development regarding NEXA mining is the addition of NEXA in one of our favourite mining pools, namely WoolyPooly. Besides support for mining NEXA on WoolyPooly, the pool has announced their near future plans to reduce block confirmations, so you can enjoy faster payouts than the normal 5 days or more waiting time for the mined coins to be released to you at the moment (5000 blocks confirmation).

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