Zenex Runs Token Sale on P2PB2B

The token sale session for Zenex is now live on the P2PB2B exchange. When buying ZNX, users will get a 5% bonus additionally. 

You can buy tokens until August 20th and join the community. The token sale will be followed by a listing on P2PB2B. Meanwhile, here is an introduction to the project.

What is the project about?

ZENEX is a universal token that unites payment and gaming services into a single ecosystem. The token is a fundamental solution for attracting traffic, accepting, and sending payments. When the token is used by online platforms, it protects them from chargebacks and unjustified bank blockages, also providing a fraud-monitoring system (protection against bank and card fraud) and a quick customer identity verification (KYC) system. Zenex makes transactions transparent and undeniable through the use of blockchain technology. 

What makes ZNX special?

ZENEX is issued by a licensed European financial service BitexPRO.eu, which has been on the market for over 4 years. The project is not a start-up and is based on an existing infrastructure that has been polished to perfection throughout the years.

With token creation, legal entities can now accept online client payments in a secure way by adding ZENEX tokens as a means of payment for services on their platform. Our integrated payment solutions allow the token purchase process to be embedded into the interface of gaming platforms, and users can purchase ZNX using fiat payment methods and via crypto. Such transactions cannot be used by fraudsters to illegally dispute the transaction, as the digital coin purchase is confirmed in the blockchain.

ZENEX benefits for businesses include:

For game services (and other online projects)

  • Easy to accept fiat payments in different currencies (with instant conversion to payment tokens);
  • No rollover reserve;
  • Fast fiat and crypto conversions;
  • Verification of blockchain transactions;
  • Marketing potential (Since ZNX is available on several platforms and is always running airdrops, bounty campaigns, cooperative bonus programs, and other marketing activities. We also help form customer loyalty through various bonus programs for existing clients of online platforms).

For payment systems and crypto-projects

  • Chargeback protection;
  • Service confirmation (token delivery to the user’s wallet is recorded in the blockchain);
  • Various integration scenarios;
  • Significant increase in traffic;
  • User verification via widget or API with secure data exchange with already registered users.

However, the token is not appealing only to online platforms and their users – ZENEX provides amazing earning opportunities for investors and holders. 

Right now, ZENEX token presale is taking place, where you can buy ZNX coins at a lower price than on open sale. The fifth round of Presale is now underway, where the price of 1 token is 1.37 USDT. You can buy the coin at the current stage and also sell it during presale for a good margin or wait for the open sale to sell ZNX for even more value. The high liquidity of the ZENEX token, even at the PreSale stage, has become possible due to the fact that the issuer of the token is the licensed financial service BitexPro which provides a high liquidity pool.

In addition to income from the coin’s appreciation, all ZENEX token holders have the opportunity to earn on staking. Given the specific scope of the token, the profits on staking can be very promising.  The business model of the ZENEX project is based on large commissions that gaming services are willing to pay to attract customers and provide payment solutions.

Don’t miss your chance to earn with one of the most promising crypto projects of 2022 – head over to p2pb2b and buy ZENEX coin at the presale stage to get maximum profit. Become a token holder and make money from the growth of the exchange rate and staking, or use the coin as a means to top up your balance and receive the best conditions from the gaming platforms! 

Sounds interesting? Join the ZENEX token sale now and participate in community life! Also, don’t forget to follow Zenex on social media:

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